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Social Com­merce Today
Posted on Jan­u­ary 6, 2011 by Paul Marsden

So next month’s (Feb 2011) Wired mag­a­zine (UK edi­tion) has just dropped, with a cover story on social com­merce, by edi­tor David Rowan and edi­to­r­ial assis­tant Tom Cheshire.

The cover text– “What are you sell­ing? Big Brands want to cash in on your Face­book friends: Ecom­merce is over – Long live social com­merce” gives you a fla­vor of what to expect.

The arti­cle is a well-written exec­u­tive brief­ing of the social com­merce space, pep­pered with smart quotes and buzz-worthy data-points (sum­marised below); the sort of con­tent agen­cies will want to hand out to clients, entre­pre­neurs to VCs and mar­keters to bud­get holders.

We rec­om­mend get­ting your hands on a copy; cur­rently it’s lan­guish­ing in dead tree media only – no iPad or web yet.  But here’s our anno­tated speed summary:

Speed Sum­mary:

  • Social Com­merce, build­ing “a social layer on top of online com­merce”, “turn­ing prod­ucts into con­ver­sa­tions”, is attract­ing big fund­ing, big buzz and gen­er­at­ing big revenue.

Read the rest of this story on Social Com­merce Today by click­ing here.


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