Resources for Writers: Five Places to Find a Writing Buddy

By Angela Atkin­son, Writ­ing Careers Exam­iner The work­ing life of a writer can be quite soli­tary, and while many writ­ers join  sup­port­ive online com­mu­ni­ties to share ideas and get advice from other writ­ers, there’s some­thing to be said for a per­sonal rela­tion­ship with a writ­ing buddy. Many writ­ers report a marked improve­ment in their pro­duc­tiv­ity and […]

We’re Not Done Yet; What Shall We Do Next?

By Susan Older Founder, Dis­placed Jour­nal­ists We have a rapidly grow­ing, multi-talented Face­book com­mu­nity. What shall we do next with this ini­tia­tive? As one of our writ­ers, Melanie Kolden, pointed out on our site in March, we really don’t know one another. (Of course, we just started in Jan­u­ary.) We share arti­cles, links, and com­ments. But we […]

Don’t Let Inertia Tie You Down: Adversity Leads to New Opportunities

By Mar­cie Eanes March 17, 2010 Recent upheavals in jour­nal­ism have left peo­ple scratch­ing their heads at this unprece­dented level of uncer­tainty. All the hard work of build­ing a career can eas­ily dis­ap­pear with a pink slip. After pack­ing up your desk, com­mis­er­at­ing with col­leagues, and try­ing to put on a brave front, the ques­tion of what to do next […]

Remember Good Reporting?

Memo to Harry Smith & CBS, Re: Colonoscopy Cru­sad­ing Some of you are start­ing blogs. Some are start­ing new ven­tures, some of you just appre­ci­ate know­ing that good jour­nal­ism still exists. Gary Schwitzer’s Health­News Review Blog serves as a shin­ing exam­ple of how we can carry on the high stan­dards we held dear before we […]

The World Needs a Good Editor

By Susan Older Founder, Dis­placed Jour­nal­ists One of the things that irri­tates me most about the lay­offs and fir­ings at news­pa­pers, mag­a­zines and major web­sites these days is the fact that the peo­ple in charge have cho­sen replace­ments who don’t seem to care about the qual­ity of the prod­uct. Either that or they are une­d­u­cated. I […]

DPJs: I Value Your Ideas, as Well as Your Identities

Melanie Kolden is a for­mer copy editor/arts & enter­tain­ment edi­tor who  has worked at the Day­ton Daily News, the San Fran­cisco Chron­i­cle and the L.A. Weekly. By Melanie Kolden I am a jour­nal­ist, but I don’t have a rec­og­niz­able byline. For all of the years that I worked in news­pa­pers (15 plus) I was a behind-the-scenes player. Most […]

Share Your Story With Us

By Susan Older Founder, Dis­placed Jour­nal­ists Many of you have writ­ten to say  you would like to get to know one another. With 685 (and count­ing) mem­bers on our Dis­placed Jour­nal­ists Face­book page, that’s not easy. I com­mend those of you who’ve writ­ten about your­selves: Melanie Kolden, Mark May­field, Britt Con­ley, Jules Older (no rela­tion), and Geveryl […]

15 Minutes of Fame” Isn’t Worth Compromise

By Gev­eryl Robin­son Feb­ru­ary 15, 2010 In 2007, one of my stu­dents, John Wel­don, was mur­dered. I was an Eng­lish instruc­tor at Savan­nah Tech­ni­cal Col­lege, and John, who grew up in one of the worst hous­ing projects in Savan­nah, was the first per­son in his fam­ily to attend col­lege. The last time I saw John, I […]

Sad About My Layoff? Not Me, I’m “The Photo Garden Bee”

Like every­one, I’ve been hold­ing my breath each time rumors regard­ing “down­siz­ing,” “right-sizing,” “cut­backs” or “sac­ri­fices to the stock mar­ket gods” started swirling around the news­room. Unfor­tu­nately, more often than not, most of the rumors have been fol­lowed by real lay­offs of really tal­ented friends and co-workers. This past Decem­ber 1st was no dif­fer­ent. The […]

Reflections of a Newsosaur: Stop the Exploitation of Journalists

The author has shared the lede and link to Monday’s (Feb. 1) post on his blog: “Reflec­tions of a New­sosaur: Mus­ings (and occa­sional urgent warn­ings) of a vet­eran media exec­u­tive who fears our news-gathering com­pa­nies are stum­bling to extinc­tion.” By Alan D. Mut­ter It’s time for jour­nal­ists to stop par­tic­i­pat­ing in their own exploita­tion by work­ing for […]

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        Is there life – or work – after news­pa­pers? A lot of us are in the process of find­ing out. Because it’s gen­er­ally a some­what lonely endeavor, it struck me, in Jan­u­ary 2010, that it might be com­fort­ing – and pos­si­bly very pro­duc­tive – to go through it together.

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